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Mou Signed between the Brussels-Uzbekistan Friendship Group and the Committee of the Inter-ethnic Relations and Friendly Cooperation with Foreign Countries of Uzbekistan

On Saturday 17 July 2021, representatives from the Brussels-Uzbekistan Friendship Group paid a visit to the Committee of the Interethnic Relations and Friendly Cooperation with Foreign Countries under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Both sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of strengthening and developing a solid partnership.


Both sides reaffirmed that the implementation of bilateral cooperation will make a positive contribution to the development of cultural ties between Uzbekistan, Belgium and the European Union and to the strengthening of mutual understanding and trust between the peoples of all sides.


Efforts will be focused on developing cultural and humanitarian ties. To this end, the parties aim to hold events on a wide range of topics, contributing to the development and strengthening of bilateral friendly relations.


The Parties express the intentions:

- to hold cultural events and celebrate mutually significant holidays and festivals with the participation of artists, photographers, musicians, etc.;


- to organize seminars and forums (virtually and in-person) on issues of bilateral interest and send their representatives to participate in them.


In order to improve friendly relations the Parties intend in the near future to exchange visits, agree on a cooperation mechanism and discuss forms and specific exchange and cooperation programs.


Priority Directions of the Committee of the Inter-ethnic Relations and Friendly Cooperation with Foreign Countries of Uzbekistan:


– assistance in ensuring inter-ethnic harmony and tolerance in society, strengthening the atmosphere of friendship and the feeling of a single large multinational family;

– effective coordination of work on the establishment of friendly international relations, development of productive cooperation, strengthening of friendship with the civil community of foreign countries, including with Uzbek compatriots living abroad;

– ensuring the interrelation and cooperation of state bodies with national cultural centers and friendship societies located on the territory of the Republic;

– assistance in the preservation and development of national original traditions, customs and rites of representatives of various nations and nationalities living in Uzbekistan;

– assistance in the wide propaganda in foreign countries of the peace-loving policy of Uzbekistan in building a democratic state, a strong civil society, as well as successes achieved in all spheres of the country’s life;

– assistance in conducting research and development work aimed at further development and harmonization of inter-ethnic relations and friendly relations with foreign countries.

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